About us


Let’s get to know each other – Julia, Anna, Elina, Natalia and Svetlana.

We, as specialists in our field, will be happy to help you become more beautiful, healthy and attractive.

Julija – cosmetic

In 2014 I came to work in the Beautiful Business. And from that moment, thanks to my clients, that is, you and your support, I have the opportunity to professionally grow and develop. I gained knowledge at the Tallinn Academy of Beauty and at the Moscow Institute of Restorative Medicine.

I still continue to study, to raise my level professionally by attending courses, seminars, exhibitions.

The approach to each client is strictly individual; both theoretical and practical skills greatly help in the selection of face and body care procedures.

My professional experience will help you choose an individual program for you that will help / solve possible problems, the selected program includes office and home care. Each procedure includes diagnostics of the condition of the skin, free consultations before and after the procedure, the selection of professional cosmetics, depending on the type of skin and the characteristics of the client’s health.

A feature of my work is highly efficient hardware procedures. In combination with professional cosmetic products, a quick and long-lasting effect is guaranteed. The procedures are carried out using the products of professional companies: GIGI, Kart, Anna Lotan.

I am always glad to help you!

Natalia  –  nail technician / manicurist

A recognized master with 5 years of experience in the field of manicure.

Looking for perfect nails? You have come to the right place, well-groomed nails are an integral part of female sexuality, attract the attention of both beloved men and possible new acquaintances.

Nail extensions with fiber (fiberglass), strengthening of natural nails with bio-gel, coating of nails with gel polish, designing solutions, painting on nails is also possible. It’s very difficult to list all possible solutions that will help make you even more beautiful!

See you!

Svetlana – quilified massage master,

Not every specialist can boast of both a list of massage types and a large number of grateful reviews from satisfied customers.

Massage is an excellent tool for general health promotion.

The massage completely relaxes the body, the nervous system calms down, blood circulation improves, and any muscle clamps are eliminated!

Massage allows you to enhance micro-circulation, reduces stagnation in the body, promotes the elimination of toxins, strengthens the circulatory system, relieves fatigue and swelling!

Our body steadfastly endures all our hours of sitting at the computer, steering wheel, etc. It is time to say thank you to your body and give it the opportunity to rest.

Come for a massage! And trust me, your body will thank you!