Anti-couperose treatment with massage


Duration: 60 min

Procedure frequency: every 2 weeks (one course from 6 to 10 times)

Expanded red threads on the face from blood vessels, “stars”, patterns on the face are rosacea, or couperose. This is a condition that is accompanied by burning, tingling, itching. The progression of the condition leads to dry skin, inflammation, and ultimately results in a disease of the blood vessels. The skin becomes flabby, it turns pale, loses its elasticity and ages.

The main actions are aimed at strengthening the vascular walls. The vascular mesh is lightened, and permeability is reduced. That is, programmed treatment consists of eliminating the external signs of couperose and preventing the progression of the condition. After a course of procedures, the mesh becomes invisible, inflammation and irritation disappear, overall complexion, skin firmness and elasticity improve.