Hardware cleansing with massage


Duration: 60 min

Procedure frequency: every 2 weeks (course 3 times)

Ultrasonic cleansing: the technique consists in exposing the skin to ultrasonic vibrations supplied to the device nozzle, made in the form of a scraper-spatula. After the procedure, the skin becomes fresher, softer, more hydrated, the complexion is evened out. Strengthening blood flow and lymphatic drainage helps to reduce tissue swelling. A decrease in the thickness of the stratum corneum promotes a more intensive penetration of active components from the skin surface into the deep layers.

Face brushing, the English word brushing into Russian translates literally as “brushing”, the treatment of the skin using a special device with nozzles equipped with bristles. The technique has a second name, brassage, and is one of the new types of hardware peeling, the positive effect of which is based not on the application of special compositions, but on the mechanical treatment of the skin in order to stimulate their internal resources.

Galvanic cleaning, or disinfection, is based on the use of electrophoresis. A special alkaline solution is applied to the skin, after which a constant electric current is applied. The current stimulates deep penetration of the solution into the pores and the dissolution of sebum. During galvanization, the fatty acids that make up the secretion of the sebaceous glands are saponified. Soapy foam forms on the surface, which can be easily removed.